Pictures from 2005


At the Corinth reenactment, just outside Corinth, MS; Reenacting the bloody battle of October the 2nd Texas Infantry.









Dividing up the potatoes during ration issue.









2d Sgt Chavez & his gentleman's gentleman








Waiting before the battle









Drying shirts over the campfire after Saturday night's rain









Forest stand-off.

An ambrotype taken at Corinth: Second Sergeant and Corporal

 After Corinth, the 2005 Veterans Day parade in Austin ended in front of the Capitol.


Dusty got farther than General Banks ever did -


Dusty, Edward, Phil, Bob - and his daughter








Events earlier in the year:

At the Jefferson reenactment.

At the Twiggs Surrender reenactment, the Federals under inspection. Note Pete, Federal commander.

At Twiggs, the Texians in rehearsal under the watchful eye of the Commissioners of the Committee of Public Satety and a tourist.

At Twiggs, the Texians in formation in front of the Alamo



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